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Japanese amateur girl dances in front of a temple."SENBON-SAKURA" ODOTTEMITA

Japanese amateur girl dances with sexy clothes. The collaboration of national treasure "ZUIRYU-JI Temple" and dance of Japan. ...


《ILoVU》Hate Myself~Japanese OTAKU Girl Idol 《Music video》

The popularity that is great for a Japanese geek. "ILoVU" is popular odorite idol group. This music is the powerful lock numbe...


"MEIDO-CAFE" Japanese OTAKU cafe. Meido Idol.

A maid cafe popular with Japanese geeks. It is the video which a maid idol introduces in a meido-cafe. There is the maid cafe looking t...


"RIO HIIRAGI" JAPANESE LIVE IDOL. Extreme popularity for a OTAKU!

A live idol on behalf of Japan. Popular in Akihabara and all over Japan. The live idol who it becomes the extreme popularity in Japanese...


JAPAN Historic scene "Chikugo-Yoshii" is The historical area of JAPAN

A history district is in Yoshiicho, Fukuoka, Japan. Many old houses are stored as I left cityscape of the Middle Ages. There is cityscap...


"SAKURA-Gaoka Shokora" Japanese sexy idol group

"Sakura-Gaoka Shokora" is Japanese sexy idol groups. It is not famous, but does my best by live activity. The idol group of Ja...


"TOKYO Game Show 2014" Review Video

Tokyo game show 2014 is held! I pay attention to new generation game consoles such as PS4. I look forward to the future game that the vi...

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